Middle Management – YOGYAKARTA

Middle Management – YOGYAKARTA
Jogjakarta | 27 – 29 September  2011 | Rp 4.000.000,-
Jogjakarta | 1 – 3 November 2011 2011 | Rp 4.000.000,-


  1. Differentiate among the three levels of management and understand their responsibilities.
  2. Discuss the principal challenges managers face in an increasingly competitive environment.
  3. Practice advanced managerial skills needed for senior positions.
  4. Resolve conflict based on a win-win approach.
  5. Introduce and manage change leading to continuous improvement.



  • Characteristics of Leaders
  • Leadership versus Management: The Vital Differences
  • Situational Leadership
  • Concepts of Motivating Your Followers

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Techniques

  • Principles of Solving Problems
  • A Rational Approach to Problem Solving
  • Tools and Techniques in Problem-Solving

Coaching and Appraising Performance

  • The Psychology behind Coaching
  • Why and How to Coach
  • Setting Performance Standards and Conducting Appraisal Interviews

Managing Conflict

  • Sources and Nature of Conflict
  • Role of Communication in Conflict
  • How to Resolve Conflict

Managing Change

  • Dynamics of Change
  • Leading Successful Change Initiatives
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change

Managing Time and Staff Meetings

  • Identifying and Setting Goals
  • Prioritizing Activities
  • Time Management Tools
  • Leading and Managing Effective Meetings


Department heads, superintendents, senior supervisors and others who need to develop their managerial skills.


Lecturing, workshop, interactive consultation, case study, and presentation


Irfan Riza, SE M.Si. MA – lecturer and an expert in HR Development and soft skills


13 – 15  July  /  27 – 29 September /  1 – 3 November 2011



Hotel Grage Ramayana  – Yogyakarta


IDR  4.000.000 – non residential

(Including picking-up service from the airport / railway station to hotel, training modul, training kit, 2x coffee break, 1x lunch, souvenir, and certificate)

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