Yogyakarta |  28 – 30 Mei 2013 | IDR 5.500.000,



  1. Memahami manfaat manajemen risiko korporat di dalam meningkatkan nilai pemegang saham.
  2. Memahami hubungan antara risiko dan strategi bisnis perusahaan.
  3. Mengetahui berbagai jenis risiko bisnis yang dihadapi oleh perusahaan.
  4. Mengetahui cara mengidentifikasi dan mengukur risiko-risiko bisnis yang dihadapi oleh perusahaan.
  5. Mengetahui bagaimana cara mitigasi atau penanganan atau pengendalian resiko



  1. Introduction to Risk Management and Its New Paradigm
    1. Definition of Risk
    2. Types of Risk
    3. Risk Management and Shareholder Value
    4. The Evaluation of Risk Management Paradigm
    5. Strategic Risk Assessment
    6. Project Risk Management
  2. Risk Management and Business Strategy
    1. Corporate Governance and Risk Management
    2. Risk Culture and Risk Management Framework
    3. Towards Enterprise Wide Risk Management
  3. Developing Risk Standards
    1. Does your board truly understanding its risks?
    2. Risk Standards for investment managers
    3. Finding the right balance between risk and reward for your organization
  4. Risk Measurement and Tools
    1. Explaining the most commonly used risk measurement tools
    2. Historical simulation & Scenario analysis
    3. Variance, covariance and correlation
    4. Monte carlo simulation, RAPM and VaR
    5. Duration and covexity
    6. Risk parameters- the Greeks
    7. Yield curve modeling
    8. Other tools
  5. Operational and Project Risk Management
    1. Defining Operational risk
    2. Developing Methodologies monitor and control operational risk
    3. Assessing the various approaches to quality operational risk
    4. Overcoming data limitation when measuring operational risk
    5. How to integrate operational risk into the organizations risk management framework
    6. Defining Project Risk
    7. Comprehensive Project Risk Understanding
  6. Analyzing Other Types of Risk
    1. Political and economic risk
    2. Legal Risk
    3. Liquidity risk
    4. Reputation Risk
    5. Accounting & Tax risk
    6. Model risk
    7. Other risk
  7. Studi Kasus Aplikasi Manajemen Risiko



Agus Mansur, ST M.Eng.Sc. and team



Directors, General Managers, Chief Risk Officer, Senior Operational Manager, Intenal Auditor, Corporate Executives, CFO, Financial Executives, Strategic & Corporate Planners, dan semua professionals yang tertarik dalam untuk berkarir sebagai risk managers



28 – 30 Mei 2013




  • IDR 5.500.000,- (non residential )



  • Quality Training Module
  • Stationeries: notebook and ballpoint
  • Training bag or backpack
  • Morning and afternoon coffee break for a long the training
  • Exclusive T-Shirt
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training photo
  • Transportation for participants from the airport/railway station to hotel/training venue. (At least 2 participants from the same company)

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