Inventory Planning and Stock Control – YOGYAKARTA

Inventory Planning and Stock Control – YOGYAKARTA

Hotel All Seasons, Yogyakarta |  18-20 Desember  2012 | Rp 4.700.000,-



  1. Plan and control stock successfully and cost effectively using proven techniques of inventory management.
  2. Forecast demand and control lead time.
  3. Classify, count and reduce inventory.
  4. Reduce inventory investment and surplus.
  5. Use the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the measurement and evaluation of the inventory department.


Introduction to Inventory Management

  • Objectives and Responsibilities of Inventory Management
  • Customer Service in Inventory Management
  • Inventory Management in the Arab World

Description and Classification of Inventory

  • Types of Inventory
  • The ABC Inventory Classification
  • Materials Specifications/Cataloguing

Forecasting Demand and Lead Time

  • Techniques of Forecasting
    • Seasonal Demand
    • Moving Average
    • Exponential Smoothing
    • Control of Lead Time

Inventory Systems

  • Inventory Costs
  • The Max-Min System
  • When and How Much to Order
  • Controlling Safety Stocks
  • How to Deal with Quantity Discounts

Counting and Controlling Inventory

  • Counting Methods and Accuracy
  • Periodic and Cycle Counting

Reducing Inventory Investment

  • Identification and Disposal of Surplus
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Just-In-Time (J.I.T.) Method

Measuring Inventory Management Performance

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Targets
  • Qualities of the Inventory Specialist


Those involved in inventory (materials) planning and stock control at the operational and supervisory levels. Also, those working in other functions of materials management (purchasing, stores, distribution) who need to understand the mechanics of inventory planning and stock control.


Lecturing, workshop, interactive consultation, case study, and presentation


Harwati, ST MT


17-19  April / 1-3  Mei / 5-7  Juni / 3-5  Juli / 4-6 September / 9-11 Oktober / 12-14  November / 20-22 November / 11-13  Desember / 18-20 Desember  2012


Hotel All Seasons – Yogyakarta


IDR  4.700.000 – non residential

(Including picking-up service from the airport / railway station to hotel, training modul, training kit, 2x coffee break, 1x lunch, souvenir, and certificate)

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