How To Present Yourself With More Confidence

How To Present Yourself With More Confidence

Jakarta | 23 – 24 Mei 2013 | Rp. 2.750.000,- 

Professionals at certain specialty or level, nearly all professionals in business today find that presentations are part of their jobs.  Unfortunately, the prospect of public speaking strikes fear into the heart of millions, outranking death and flying as people’s number one fear.

This Practical two-day Program is designed to give participants a general overview of the basics of good presentations as a professional in the workplace, and to present some ideas on how to practice those skills, how to enhance their personal values, and how to deal with customers.



After attending this workshop, all participants are expected to:

  • Use speech as a way of communicating their ideas and gaining support for them
  • Improve their speaking skills
  • Be able to share their vision with others who can help the ideas become reality



Day 1:

1.  Personal Values

  • Self-analysis: Who Am I?
  • Personality Types

2.  How you look

  • Eye contact
  • Feed and hips
  • Arm movement

3.  How you sound

  • Vocal quality
  • Vocal projection
  • Breathing
  • How you organize your message
  • Articulation
  • Eliminating nonwords
  • Downward inflection

Day 2:

4.  How to practice your presentation

  • Overcoming nervousness
  • Handling questions and answers
  • How to Manage Problems
  • Visualize your success

5.  Practice



This workshop is targeted for everyone who wants to improve their speaking skills and to present their ideas on how to practice the skills.



Lectures, Q&A, sharing, discussion, and practice.



Carlina Patuwo


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