Hotel Ibis Malioboro, Yogyakarta | 02 – 04 Juni 2014 | Rp.  6.500.000 
Hotel Ibis Malioboro,Yogyakarta | 18 – 20 Juni 2014 | Rp. 6.500.000
Hotel Ibis Malioboro, Yogyakarta | 24 – 26 Juni 2014 | Rp.  6.500.000 
Hotel Ibis Malioboro,Yogyakarta | 08 – 10 Juli 2014 | Rp. 6.500.000 
Hotel Ibis Malioboro, Yogyakarta | 16 – 18 Juli 2014 | Rp.  6.500.000 

Jadwal Training 2014 Selanjutnya …



Control Valve : Fundamental Principles, Sizing, Selection, Installation and Maintenance



Sliding Stem Valve Bodies
Objectives :
Discussion will cover the many different types of valve, ANSI pressure classes, ANSI leak classes, trim styles, packing, and gaskets.

Actuators for Sliding Stem valves
Objectives :
Discussion will cover the operation of pneumatic spring and diaphragm and piston style actuators. Topic will cover bench set or spring adjustments, mounting on valve, and determination or fail modes.

Actuator Bench Set
Objectives :
Discussion will cover appropriate bench set adjustment procedures on spring and diaphragm actuators as outlined in the appropriate instruction manuals.

Special and Severe Service Valves
Objectives :
Discussion will cover valve that are designed for high pressure applications, and corrosion service. Topics will include seals, gaskets, trim changes, and general maintenance procedures. A discussion on Cavitation and Flashing will also be covered.

Butterfly valves
Objectives :
Discussion will cover the butterfly and high performance eccentric disk valve. Topics will include seal replacements, operation, installation and flow directions.

Ball Valves
Objectives :
Discussion will cover the ball style valv with topics including seal replacements, operation, installations and flow directions.

Rotary Style Actuators
Objectives :
Discussion will include the operation of unique rotary pneumatic spring and diaphragm actuators. Travel
adjustments, spring compressions, and fail actions will be covered.

Day 3
P/P Positioners for sliding stem & rotary valves
Objectives :
Discussion will cover the mounting and calibration procedures for the positioners that are mounted and
calibrated on sliding stem and rotary valve.

I/P Positioners for sliding stem & rotary valves
Objectives :
Discussion will cover the theory and operation of the I/P and how a current input signal is converted to a pneumatic output signal. Detailed calibration and maintenance procedures are outlined for I/P positioner.

Actuator accessories
Objectives :
A discussion on the operation and function of transducers, and accessories (transducer, trip valve, limit witch, volume booster, etc)

FIELDVUE Theory of operation
Objectives :
A discussion on the basic operation and function of Fieldvue systems

Instrument Configuration and Calibration / Trouble shooting.
Objectives :
A discussion on the trouble shooting of control valve & accessories

Sliding Stem & Rotary Valves Sizing
Objectives :
Explains theory of sizing. The discussion will include critical flow, sizing equation, steam sizing and the sizing procedure

Sliding Stem & Rotary Actuators sizing
Objectives :
A problem solving session covering the selection, sizing, and bench set of sliding stem actuators



Dr. Ir. Victor Malau DEA.



Lecturing, workshop, interactive discussion, sharing and case study



  • 2-4 Juni / 18-20 Juni / 24-26 Juni / 8-10 Juli / 16-18 Juli / 21-23 Juli / 5-7 Agustus / 13-15 Agustus / 26-28 Agustus / 2-4 September / 17-19 September / 23-25 September / 8-10 Oktober / 21-23 Oktober / 28-30 Oktober / 5-7 November / 19-21 November / 26-28 November / 3-5 Desember  / 10-12 Desember / 17-19 Desember / 29-31 Desember 2014
  • Hotel Ibis Malioboro – Yogyakarta



  • IDR 6.500.000 per participant (Non-Residential)
  • Minimal participants : 2 persons (Yogyakarta)



  • Quality Training Module
  • Stationeries: notebook and ballpoint
  • Flashdisk containing materials
  • Training bag or backpack
  • Morning and afternoon coffee break for at days ofcontrol valve training 
  • Exclusive T-Shirt or Jacket
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training photo
  • Transportation for participants from the airport/railway station to hotel/training venue.  (At least 2 persons from the same company)


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